$10 vs $1000 RC Car Battle! *BUDGET CHALLENGE*

  • Ajoutée 21 juin 2021
  • We bought a $10, $250, and $1000 RC car and battled them in a series of challenges including INSANE Loop, ramps, off-road race, drag race, and driving on water! Which car will survive all these intense challenges and the final battle.. the remote control car demolition derby! Can the cheap car somehow defy all odds and win against the expensive RC car? Or will the $1000 car beat all the records and destroy the competition? This will be the most intense budget battle yet with insane tricks, stunts, and rc car hacks!
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  • Pheonister Plays
    Pheonister Plays Il y a an +1088

    Gotta be honest… got some sweet rides!

    • JayBoySplatt
      JayBoySplatt Il y a 29 jours

      @StillSilver emailed

    • Smey Primetive Fish
      Smey Primetive Fish Il y a 3 mois


    • RtTurboJack
      RtTurboJack Il y a 4 mois


    • Sylwia Smosarska
      Sylwia Smosarska Il y a 6 mois

      @StillSilver Zajebiście telewizja robi się fajny filmik i dla mnie fajne te zerówki macie od

    • Sylwia Smosarska
      Sylwia Smosarska Il y a 6 mois

      @StillSilver Bardzo im Skarbek się w grupie tej strony mama i dziewczyna matka i córka ma być to r się w grupie tej strony mama i dziewczyna matka i córka nie jest w grupie tej pory w grupie wiekowej o tym że z tego co u mnie wygląda bfhhfjfjekdTfhdbgdjegd. Gdbbshsbvsvs gdhdbd. Bdbdbdb hdbbdbbsbbsndn bdbdb. Hdhdbb

  • Ec1ipTz
    Ec1ipTz Il y a an +153

    Ah. The memories of Chris destroying the gunk rc car. Driving off a roof, doing a loop and dive bombing it head first into the ground. Funny times

  • Brooklin Johnson
    Brooklin Johnson Il y a 7 mois +3

    I loved it and laughed when Jeff jumped into the water to get his car 😂

  • Xxima albatross editsxX ÙwÚ
    Xxima albatross editsxX ÙwÚ Il y a 10 mois +10

    Thank you for making us laugh every time we watch your vids!! Btw your my favorite Jeff!!!🤗

  • Wittech
    Wittech Il y a 11 mois +9

    Him wearing Pit Vipers is one of the few things that actually makes sense here in 2021.

  • AGTV
    AGTV Il y a 3 mois

    Ryan always gets the bad budget and somehow wins every time🤣

  • Ben Pekun
    Ben Pekun Il y a an +6

    Congratulations on 4M Dangie Bros! Can't wait to see you guys have 5M!

  • Crystal C
    Crystal C Il y a 26 jours

    Ryan has been an amazing addition to the team!

  • Cameron Borders
    Cameron Borders Il y a 10 mois +3

    Ryan always wins with the lowest budget!!! I love it! With this i was like yeah there's no way, he'll finally be defeated....whelp...

  • Nasim Paterson
    Nasim Paterson Il y a an

    At least they all tried and it's not the winning that matters is the taking part! So well done guys!!

  • Orange
    Orange Il y a 8 mois +5

    Can we just appreciate how much time and money they spend for this contraption. 😱

  • Joseph
    Joseph Il y a an +5

    Love to see how far you guys have come

    • stare
      stare Il y a 9 mois


  • Mulham Swaidan
    Mulham Swaidan Il y a an +1

    I always feel bad for the people who get the lowest budget🧸

  • cherokee cuellar
    cherokee cuellar Il y a an +55

    I just love how Ryan had faith in the little blue car the whole time. That is awesome

  • Bearzy
    Bearzy Il y a an +3

    Lol Ryan looks great in the pit vipers 😂

  • Z M
    Z M Il y a an

    I like how they could of said $430 car because that’s how much they sell it on the website it’s called the rustler 4x4 Vxl this car is beautiful and it’s really fast at speeds of 65+mph and it’s the best between both of them not too expensive not too cheap

  • BlahThe_Noob
    BlahThe_Noob Il y a an +5

    I like how chris is like: “Im gonna drive it at an angle and keep it as away from the water as possible” and then proceeded to drive his RC car strait into the water.

  • The Nine
    The Nine Il y a an +6

    LETS GOO LITTLE BLUE!!!! *salute*
    Mad respect

    KILL JOINT Il y a an +4

    Remember the first house and the rc cars. Good memories.

  • BadgerKing_75
    BadgerKing_75 Il y a jour

    I love Ryans positivity for the little blue car

  • Kyogre Trainer
    Kyogre Trainer Il y a an +2

    instead of using a Rovan Baja, you should've used an Arrma Kraton 8s for the 1000 rc car.

    • Landry Chrastina
      Landry Chrastina Il y a an

      yeah but even then they aren't the best drivers so it would be kinda the same, or the X-Maxx, that'd be funny!

  • Legend
    Legend Il y a an

    I gotta be honest I think the 250 dollar remote controlled car is the best

  • Dote-x
    Dote-x Il y a an

    I love you're videos guys 😘

  • EveryThingMatters#ETM
    EveryThingMatters#ETM Il y a an +6

    I love the fact that the second one is gonna be the best at most things

  • James Creation Games
    James Creation Games Il y a an +2

    OK, here is some things I'd like to point out
    *-Loop De Loop:*
    Jeff's car went flawlessly
    The Baby Blue couldn't do it because it doesn't have enough speed (duh)
    The gas car was too heavy for the loop, the car was moving the whole thing
    *-Drag Race*
    The gas car and Jeff's car destroyed the baby blue, because they are hobby grade, not toy grade
    *-Drive On Water*
    The Baby Blue kinda had an advantage because it can float
    Jeff's car was not too big, powerful, and four wheel drive, so it could go farther
    The gas car is simply too godd*mn heavy, and it's also only 2wd

    • stare
      stare Il y a 9 mois +1


  • Ridho si cebol🗿🖕
    Ridho si cebol🗿🖕 Il y a 11 mois

    Hi, I'm from Indonesia and I just saw this channel, it's really fun to watch :)

  • Bryson Carter
    Bryson Carter Il y a an

    Gotta Love those Walmart RC cars

  • Spacegirl21
    Spacegirl21 Il y a 10 mois

    I like how Ryan is confident in his small car but he is losing

  • Al Brown
    Al Brown Il y a an +6

    Do not and I mean do not let this distract you from the fact that Hector is gonna be running 3 Honda Civic's with spoon engines. On top of that he just came into Harry's and ordered 3 t66 turbo's with NOS's and a Motec System Exhaust.

  • Alan Romero
    Alan Romero Il y a an +15

    5:22 Epic fail, but this made my day lol 😂😂😂

  • i catch bass🤘
    i catch bass🤘 Il y a an +6

    I like these kind of videos they're really fun thank you for making them have a nice day you all

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon Il y a an

      i LOVE when you guys do this type of stuff

  • Katherine Henderson

    I ❤️ you’re videos!

  • electric
    electric Il y a an +9

    This just shows that money doesn’t always find a way

    • RedCookie
      RedCookie Il y a 3 mois

      ryans rc car can go on water which is sick

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue Il y a an

      I like how Ryan is so positive about his car

  • Jailee Swartz
    Jailee Swartz Il y a an +3

    I love your channel because you guys spend so much money to entertain people. And spend so much time to build stuff.

  • Niku_Niu
    Niku_Niu Il y a an +49

    I love Ryan determination to goes what with everything those guys puts him into..

    • Deto Qcney
      Deto Qcney Il y a an +1

      i LOVE when you guys do this type of stuff

  • Fitz_Vibez
    Fitz_Vibez Il y a an

    2:30 it’s like one of those scary movies when the engine doesn’t go

  • The Lucky Cat
    The Lucky Cat Il y a an +10

    how does Ryan always win? give him a 1 dollar budget and he will probably find a way to somehow win it.

  • Hazim Nasir
    Hazim Nasir Il y a 9 mois

    The smallest 10 car is small, which means it can dodge alot of Obstacles, but its controls are bad.

  • Aaron Flores
    Aaron Flores Il y a an +1

    I just love the attitude of you guys in every video, but I did have a question. Where rob?

  • Rick Riggan
    Rick Riggan Il y a an +26

    The gas powered rc had way more power than electric. It almost broke the loop.

    • Jack of all hobbies
      Jack of all hobbies Il y a 8 jours

      The 1000$ dollar one is actually around 500$

    • xXpieXx
      xXpieXx Il y a 3 mois

      Thats mostly because the one they used was just for high speeds, now if we had a more powerful one, an Xmaxx for example, it would probably destroy the loop

    • Nikkolas Hernandez
      Nikkolas Hernandez Il y a 7 mois

      @Wyo Outdoor Adventures even the fastest rc car top speed 202mph was electric so your wrong

    • DGG_W0LF- Overengineered Robotics
      DGG_W0LF- Overengineered Robotics Il y a an +1

      I t also only costs like 300 to 400 dollars on bangood too

    • Wyo Outdoor Adventures
      Wyo Outdoor Adventures Il y a an +1

      @Alan Cardenas I don’t think it has higher top speed because I am fairly sure they did not put high speed gearing so the rustler is just using stock gears

  • Prismatic Vortex
    Prismatic Vortex Il y a an +1

    I actually own the blue car at home lol it's really fun XD

  • Wyo Outdoor Adventures

    You guys should have put paddle tires on the rustler!! I would have for sure won

  • Austin Hughes
    Austin Hughes Il y a an

    Dude love his pit viper sun glasses I have a similar par myself

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue Il y a an +2

    The intro is almost like what Mr Beast always said 🤣

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui Il y a an +8

    I like how Ryan is so positive about his car

  • cheesey_toes
    cheesey_toes Il y a mois

    Chris always gets the best one

  • Mitzi Lux
    Mitzi Lux Il y a an

    I love your video they r awesome 🤩

  • Barbara Lawrence
    Barbara Lawrence Il y a an +1

    Is it just me or does chris kinda sound like mrbeast 🤔😄

  • Meg Sweet
    Meg Sweet Il y a an +19

    i LOVE when you guys do this type of stuff

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon Il y a an

      Literally the entire vid I was chanting on little blue car.

  • Maria luisa Buenavista
    Maria luisa Buenavista Il y a 5 mois

    Man this is exciting 😁

  • Sadrho Gollsodia
    Sadrho Gollsodia Il y a an

    Jeff should have lost the Ramp challenge because as the judge said his guts were falling out. Chris came close to the height of Jeff's car, but Chris' car held together better at least in the judges opinion...

  • Grand Papa Kroleksiy👴

    Lesson: take the middle priced items

  • Jesse Vance
    Jesse Vance Il y a 10 mois

    First and foremost that is not a $1,000 gas-powered RC. I think it's around 500 or less

  • Jack S RC Cars
    Jack S RC Cars Il y a an +1

    1000$ ? I can get you one for half that price or less 🤣

  • alex_z
    alex_z Il y a an

    Of course Ryan won, I'm happy

  • Oscar Gonzalez
    Oscar Gonzalez Il y a an

    How much does the rc car that jeff is using actually cost?

  • Ghost Of Persia
    Ghost Of Persia Il y a an

    back on watching Dangie Bros!

  • Godly Tiger
    Godly Tiger Il y a an +3

    Love how baby blue is the size of the 1,000 dollar RC cars wheel😂

  • humanoid being
    humanoid being Il y a an +2

    Ryan had faith in is car so he knew he would win so congrats Ryan 🏆

  • Liam karlsson
    Liam karlsson Il y a 10 mois +1

    im just wanna say im love these vids pls keep going with them

  • Josh Kreke
    Josh Kreke Il y a 9 mois

    I love some good challenges

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty Il y a an +1

    Y’all can do like a video where you cook your wife’s dinner or lunch budget battle video between Chris and Jeff idea for video

  • Ethan_t_yt
    Ethan_t_yt Il y a an +17

    We’re gonna put these events cars thru a bunch of challenges :
    Rc car goes flying lmao you guys are the best

  • Blanca Lopez
    Blanca Lopez Il y a an

    Gotta be honest ... got some sweet rides

  • Peanut
    Peanut Il y a 11 mois

    I love that Ryan won that’s just awesome

  • Courtney Frisbee
    Courtney Frisbee Il y a an +3

    I just love how Ryan had faith in the little blue car the whole time. That is awesome

  • Mr. Red
    Mr. Red Il y a 4 mois

    I love how Ryan said the 10 dollar car will pass threw all of them then it acculy won the video lol

  • Dakota Irwin
    Dakota Irwin Il y a an +19

    The pain I felt when he started the gas one 😭

  • Raid er
    Raid er Il y a an +5

    every time Ryan gets the low budget he wins, Ryan has powers

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy Il y a an

      comment if you want Ryan in all future videos because he is amazing. 🥳🤠

  • Corry moncher scamz
    Corry moncher scamz Il y a 10 mois

    For 60 bucks you can get a hobby grade buggy that can go 30 miles per hour

  • vaughn gaming
    vaughn gaming Il y a an

    Ilike your vids cause your doing some cool stuff like rc cars its my fav😀

  • Bindramattie Prashad
    Bindramattie Prashad Il y a 10 mois

    Jeff went higher than Chris on the ramp

  • Infinite 2
    Infinite 2 Il y a an +56

    Dangie bros I just want to say don't let anything anything stop you from making this videos and epic content

  • rasberry_girly
    rasberry_girly Il y a an +11

    Baby blue did good ❤️ I feel so sad that he is loosing

  • BondIsBlue
    BondIsBlue Il y a an

    That 1k RC car cost as much as my real 2001 Ford car

  • GlitchPG3D
    GlitchPG3D Il y a 2 mois

    Jeff: “I LOVE WINNING!!1!”

  • Armaghan Ali
    Armaghan Ali Il y a an +1

    From Clash of clans to this. Damn time flies man

  • Game Pro
    Game Pro Il y a an +3

    I love when my favorite FRclipr uploaded I can’t ignore it my favorite thing about the dangie bros is something happens every video and it always gets better and there so funny they put a smile on people face every day

  • Pumba Thecat
    Pumba Thecat Il y a 9 mois

    You guys are funny 😁

  • Walker Johnson
    Walker Johnson Il y a an

    I just want to know what that "1000 dollar" RC car is.

  • BOT Gamer
    BOT Gamer Il y a an +1

    I’m not gonna lie but I wasn’t expecting the $10 car to win

  • Sad Face
    Sad Face Il y a an

    hey dangie bros im such a big fan I've been watching your vids for one year and a half. my fav dangie bro is jeff.

  • ✨Jellyboy ✨
    ✨Jellyboy ✨ Il y a an

    Congratulations Ryan and baby blue👏👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉

  • Lukerr
    Lukerr Il y a an +1

    I don't know how the one with the lowest budget, always wins?!

  • Cecilia Hanemann
    Cecilia Hanemann Il y a an +1

    3:23 was pretty frikin hilarious XD

  • Osama bin Laden
    Osama bin Laden Il y a an

    Should customize the cars or get even bigger ones

  • Laura Collingwood
    Laura Collingwood Il y a an +12

    Dangie bros is one of my favorite youtubers of all time and, I have 5 favorite youtubers but you are my number 1 youtuber I watch, you are hilarious and you make my day so, I hope you will keep your youtube channel for a while.😁

  • Adam Fazaldin
    Adam Fazaldin Il y a 11 mois

    I love the dangie bros vids

  • Tod Winner
    Tod Winner Il y a an +16

    The funny thing is that the “$1,000” is only $498.99.

    • un-normal person
      un-normal person Il y a an

      Sometimes this have different prices

    • nielsvosjes
      nielsvosjes Il y a an

      @Corottolino oki

    • Corottolino
      Corottolino Il y a an

      No it’s the brushless version

    • nielsvosjes
      nielsvosjes Il y a an +1

      @Corottolino the rustler 4x4 is brushed I think so it’s 250

    • Corottolino
      Corottolino Il y a an +1

      And the 250 dollar one costs 400

  • Pain in the RC
    Pain in the RC Il y a an +3

    Little blue was definitely the winner he more than doubled the price of the car 🤣👌👍

  • Qawferz
    Qawferz Il y a an

    That car is about $450
    the petrol one lol

  • Lana Teramae
    Lana Teramae Il y a an +276

    Yay for Ryan because he had faith in his little blue car the entire time!

  • Michal Benes
    Michal Benes Il y a 11 mois +5

    Chris has a baby gas powered rc car and unbreakable 😎

  • Brayan Velasco
    Brayan Velasco Il y a 8 mois

    When a 1000$ car sounds better than your real car

  • AldinQQ
    AldinQQ Il y a an

    I would really buy that mini machine for 10$

  • Carter Smith
    Carter Smith Il y a an +1

    $250 car that’s a traxxas rustler 4x4 with a Vxl motor, thats $400

  • burrito king
    burrito king Il y a an +28

    Try to drive human-sized RC cars through all the courses you did through this video

  • kaiser12tv
    kaiser12tv Il y a 4 mois

    impressive the ten dollar rc won congrats!

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl Il y a an

    I like these kind of videos they're really fun thank you for making them have a nice day you all

    ZEKNAS Il y a an +1

    Is it only me or am I the only one who wonders where Rob is?